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Due to the different situations of each student, this interactive learning resource takes inclusive design into consideration. For the students who are color-blind or who do not have computers at home, this course will not make them feel stressed or excluded. 

Even though one of the students in our class is color-blind, there is no barrier for him in these activities. Unlike other activities, scriptwriting and acting do not require students to have the ability to distinguish different colors. No matter what colors they saw, everyone could see what was typed and printed on the script. Therefore, the activity is designed for inclusion of color-blindness. 

On the other hand, students who do not have computers at home but have mobile phones with data plans are included in this design as well. First of all, they have a lot of time in class to work together. At the stage of scriptwriting, students will have class in the computer room and they can use the computers to type the content. If they still need more time to work on it at home, they can write down on the paper and take the picture by phone to send. Both the printed version and handwritten version could be accepted. In addition, the technology tools that are used for scriptwriting are also available on the mobile phones. Furthermore, if these students do not want to write by hand or on their phones, they can borrow the laptops from the school library. There are free laptops for borrowing for the students who have difficulties. Whether students have computers at home or not, there are many options provided for them, and they can choose by their preferences. 

Overall, the core idea of this inclusive design is equity. No one in the class will be excluded. Instructors will ensure that everyone is comfortable with the class activities.