Reading Time: 2 minutes

Because some of the students in this class do not have computers at home, the technology tools chosen for this course can be accessed either on the computers or the mobile phones. 

  1. Online Dictionary: Online dictionary is the most essential tool for these non-native English speakers. It helps students look up the new words and provides a basic idea of those words. We suggest students use Cambridge Dictionary (online version) in this course, it is more professional and authoritative.
  2. Google Docs: Because writing the script is a group work, Google Docs is the best choice for students to use for this project. Whether they are together or not, they can edit on it at any time. Each of them are free to access the document at the same time or at separate times; it also solves the problem that only one person can type at the same time. On the other hand, Google Docs can automatically save the document so that students will not lose it if they forget to save.
  3. WordPress: WordPress is a good place to share ideas and communicate with others. Students will submit the summary of other groups’ scripts through the blog post. They are welcome to discuss, give feedback or suggestions by replying to others’ posts. The instructor will also give feedback through the comment box under the blog posts. In addition, discussing through the blog posts require students apply what they have learned into the real life circumstances. 
  4. Youtube: Youtube is an additional and optional technology tool that we highly recommend students to use. They are suggested to find some movie clips on Youtube and learn how to perform. It will help them have a better performance on the drama. At the same time, it will be much helpful for them to practice pronunciation of English.