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Our interactive Learning Resource is designed for ESL learners (around 16 students) who already have some basic English skills but still need to improve (CLB 8-intermediate English level). Everyone in this class is English Language Learner (ELL), one of the students has color blindness and one person who does not have access to a computer at home, but has a mobile phone with a data plan. For the activity, first, the instructor will ask students to form a group of four. Then, students are going to write a script as a group. Students should use past, present and future tense in their scripts to show student’s understanding of the knowledge. Teacher is going to be a facilitator and walk around to help students to write the script. After students finish writing the scripts, they need to recite their lines and act it out in front of other groups. While the other group is acting, the rest of students should use short sentences to write a short summary about what happened in the performance. 

The learning outcomes are helping students to develop mainly on their English communication, comprehension, and writing skills. Also, they can have a better understanding of different past and future tense. We have combined inquiry and cooperative learning methods to design these activities.