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Part 1: Writing the Script (Group Work)

Daily English needs to be improved through real-life social situations, and group work is always a good way to achieve this.

Outcome 1: Be able to apply English into real-world social situations in different forms. 

Activity: (Student-material interaction and peer interaction)

Learners will be randomly divided into groups of four at the beginning of the lecture. Each group will look through the topic list we provided and select a topic that they are interested in. They have to discuss which topic to choose and the content of the script. Then, they will work together to write and edit the script. 


A written script is required for each group and needs to be well organized. The script will be evaluated with several aspects: spelling, the use of past and future tense, grammar, organization and content. Each group member’s contribution will also be considered when giving the assessment. 


Sato, M., & Ballinger, S. G. (2016). Peer interaction and second language learning: Pedagogical potential and research agenda. Amsterdam;Philadelphia;: John Benjamins Publishing Company.