Reading Time: < 1 minute

Millie Ni:

  1. Learning outcomes of each activity could be explained more detailed in a separate section.
  2. Could introduce more interactive activities, (ie. assign some videos to students to watch and then discuss it in the online forum).

Wei Wang:

  1. Explain more on constructivism.
  2. Briefly discuss the inclusive design in the section of “Learning Context”.
  3. Suggest to have more interactions between the instructor and students.
  4. Explain how the students will present the drama. 
  5. Explain how the instructor will solve the difficulties that students might encounter.
  6. Could use video to record students’ performance.

Ruiming Yuan:

  1. Give more detail of constructivism.
  2. Cannot guarantee that the instructor is able to give feedback immediately on the online discussion forum. 
  3. More activities needed.
  4. Many activities require access to the internet and computers, which is less convenient for students who do not have computers at home.
  5. Different kinds of media could be included.

Yi Yan:

  1. Include a short summary of activities, learning outcomes and learning theories in the “Overview” section.
  2. The overall plan does not present constructivism which has been mentioned in the section of learning theory, academic research needs to be provided to prove the learning theory.
  3. Should introduce three activities in the plan.
  4. Discuss the activities and process in detail, and indicate how the learning outcomes will be met. 
  5. At the end of activity 2, the instructor could also give feedback on students’ summary.