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Part 3: Feedback (Individual Work)

Feedback is needed for being an important element of interaction. Quality feedback can improve the work of both parties.

Outcome 3: Students will be able to improve their academic writing skill and English comprehensive skill.

Activity: (Student-teacher interaction and peer interaction)

When each group is presenting the drama, other learners have to write down a short summary of the drama in their own words. This summary will also be graded by the instructor. After each group’s performance, other learners and the instructor are welcome to ask questions or make brief comments and suggestions on the performance. Then the instructor will provide feedback to each group after the performance and give some suggestions based on their overall performance.    


A written reflection will be assigned to every student. Students have to write down what they have achieved during this process and how this activity is helpful for their English learning. The reflection needs to contain at least one academic resource and will be graded based on content clarity, grammar and logic construction. Also, every learner will pick at least 2 groups to provide feedback or comment for them in an online discussion forum. The summary of other group’s performance will also be assessed by the instructor based on their writing and comprehension.


The Joy of Getting Feedback | Joe Hirsch | TEDxTarrytown